I Help Fit Pros Succeed

CharlesSmith_1-1Training2Whether you are new to the fitness industry or a seasoned veteran, creating and building a business and keeping it profitable without sacrificing everything else in your life including family time should be a high priority.

There is a very specific road map every aspiring fitness business professional should consider including startup basics and creating multiple revenue streams. These principles are also very relevant to the existing fitness business owner whether they are a sole proprietor or brick and mortar studio/gym other with employees.

New Fitness Professional Consideration

What certification should I get?

What about insurance?

Should I work in a big box gym or smaller studio?

Should I run boot-camps, personal training or both?

Is my fitness business really a business at this point?

Existing Fitness Professional

Should I open my own gym?

Should I hire employees?

How do I improve my facilities revenue performance?

How do I market my business to keep it relevant in the community?

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