The Military and Fitness

MilitaryBannerThe Military is synonymous with Fitness from the very first day of basic training through the entire career of the Soldier, Marine, Sailor and Airman and for most well into their post military career and retirement.

We respect, honor and are appreciative of the commitment our military personnel have displayed in this area and we are committed to helping them continue to maintain a high level of health and fitness and we would like to support then in two very specific ways.

Fitness Training

Whether you are active duty, honorably discharged or an active duty spouse we would like to offer you discounted rates on all of our services.

Please tell us the service you are interested in to receive a discount quote. Click here.

Build a Business

On-line Fitness Business Coaching and Fitness Business Transition Coaching

The business of fitness coaching is a great match for some active, transitioning and retired military personnel due to their acquired leadership skills, love for health and fitness and desire to help others.

The fitness business coaching tools you learn can be applicable while on active duty and they can be a very valuable skill-set to help launch a post career on-line fitness coaching business.

Start building your on-line fitness coaching business today at a reduce rate. Click here.

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