Personalized Online Training

CharlesSmith_MedBall1-1Training2Choose from an 8 week, 12 week or 16 week customized, progressive, transformation workout program that you can do in the comfort of your own home, created for you to use with the equipment you have on hand, or a program tailored for you that you can do in your gym. Are you looking to loss body-fat, tone or contour your body, gain weight or pack on muscle? We can create a program for you.


  • Initial base program with 4 week progressive updates. Initial photo analysis to identify needs
  • Nutritional Plan and Health and Fitness Guide including our 10 Rules to Speed up Your Metabolism
  • Bi-monthly 30 minute phone consultation-current photo analysis

8 Week Program - $299

12 Week Program - $499

16 Week Program - $599

Personalized Online Training – San Diego Resident

Are you looking to get the benefits of one-on-one personal training services without the cost? Do you want to raise the accountability level of your transformation program?

If your answer is yes then our hybrid on-line training is for you.

In addition to all of the regular on-line services the hybrid program will include the following.

Each program will include an initial personal in-home assessment (session 1) which will include segmental body-fat testing and tape measurements. 8 week program will include 4-45 minute training and accountability sessions, 12 week program 6 and 16 week program 8.

8 Week Program - $499

12 Week Program - $699

16 Week Program - $899

Personal Training Services & Packages

Personal Training provides the highest level of exercise implementation, accountability and motivation, drastically raising the chances of you reaching your desired health and fitness goals.

Individuals or couples who chose personal training have very diverse needs including various health concerns, goals, availability and location for training.

Please contact me directly so we can discuss your specific needs so I can design the package, rate and health and fitness roadmap that is best for you.

  • 1 on 1
  • Couples training
  • Special Population
  • Athletic and Sports Conditioning

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